Timor Skate and Ba Futuru are hosting a video-based competition with two opportunities for local Timorese skateboarders to win new skateboards:


Option 1 – Skateboarding videos (talent-based prizes)

• Up to 1 minute long
• Prizes for the best skateboarding, with junior and senior categories
• Videos judged by an international panel of skateboarding professionals
• Judging criteria = creativity/fun, variety (of tricks and locations), difficulty and style
• Entrants are also encouraged to submit a separate non-skateboarding video to participate in the raffle (described below)


Option 2 – Non-skateboarding videos (raffle-based prizes)

• Up to 20 seconds long
• Submit in Tetum or English (or both!)
• Entrants talk about why they love skateboarding, and what a new skatepark in Dili would mean to them
• All entrants receive a raffle ticket, through which they could win a new skateboard

ENTRY upload your video to Instagram and
• Tag #timorskatecomp2022
• Tag #timorskate
• Write your name, age, and suco/municipality in the comments


Entries open on 3 April and close on 30 April 2022.
Winners will be announced on 20 May 2022, as part of Ba Futuru’s celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence. Ba Futuru can also help to film and upload videos for the raffle-based prizes at this event. Winners must be able to collect prizes from Ba Futuru (Avenida Presidente Nicolao Lobato, Golgota, Comoro, Dili).
Please note: by entering the competition, entrants give permission to Timor Skate to use the videos for promotional and fundraising purposes. Timor Skate may also contact entrants to request them to email a copy of the video.

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